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Virtual+ Experience

  • VIrtual+ Sessions

    Please identify below, which sessions you are registering your PLUS Team for attendance. Each session can be registered for independently, or if you choose to register for All Sessions, please skip independent sessions and Select All Sessions. Only register one school per registration form.
  • These six sessions are designed to enhance the facilitation skills of the PLUS Team member. Training will cover Forum Implementation, Data Development and Activity planning
    Price: $295.00
  • These six sessions will focus on specific topics impacting school climate and student engagement. PLUS Team members will work with trainers from across the country in these 45 -60 minute learning sessions.
    Price: $295.00
  • These eight session will focus on engaging PLUS team member in dialogue and activities with other PLUS Schools. Guest speakers who are PLUS Alumni and partners of the PLUS Program will be called on to share their insights and experiences.
    Price: $295.00
  • Take full advantage of the Virtual+ Experience and register your team to participate in all 20 sessions. Save over 20% of total cost by registering for All Sessions
    Price: $695.00
  • Please enter the name, email, title and school name of the PLUS Staff Contact who will be responsible for distributing the Zoom Links to students.
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