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A System of Sustainable Solutions

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Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about PCE Solutions and the service of solutions we offer to schools, tribes and communities. We are truly humbled to be a resource to so many organizations across our country.

Guided by Research and Recommendations

In 2004 the Safe Schools Initiative outlined recommendations for schools to follow that will enhance school safety and establish a safe learning environment. The recommendations included guidance for schools to implement activities that include:

  • Assess a school climate.
  • Build trusting relationships between students.
  • Create opportunities for listening.
  • Develop a mechanism to sustain the safe school efforts.

A Three Part System of Solutions

We took the guidance of the Safe Schools Initiative and began to develop our system of solutions to help serve not only schools, but for program implementation for tribes and communities as well.  Three parts of our solutions working together establish a sustainable mechanism for success.

Youth Development - Connections

Our initial solution sought out a strong youth development model that focussed on student engagement and involvement as part our interventions.  PCE became the licensed training provider for the evidence based Youth Participatory Action Research model, the PLUS Program. PLUS gives our partners a proven program development model that increases student engagement and academic achievement.

Data Integration

Data integration into program development is critical in the success of action plans.   As a result, PCE included in our system of solutions Direction Survey. This online survey development platform gives our partners a simple data collection solution to assess school climate, student behavior, academic experiences and other quantitative data needs.   With this addition our partners now have the ability to assess and make accurate decisions using real time data.

Program Development

Staying current with latest youth trends, research and program development is critical in the success of our stakeholders and partners.  PCE Solutions is the provider of multiple professional development opportunities for organizations to enhance their learning. These include national conferences, trainings, and workshops hosted throughout the year.

Serving a Diverse Cross Section

As a result of our ongoing commitment, PCE Solutions is proud to be working with Universities, Organizations and County Offices who are serving schools, communities and Indian Reservations from across the country.

PCE is now working alongside schools, tribes, and community agency building solutions that serve as:

  • The liaison for PBIS staff to gather data and implement activities to address universal interventions.
  • The foundation for student leadership programs to increase participation and effectively connect with all students on a campus.
  • The source for prevention programming, school and community safety initiatives and data gathering for community wide health and wellness stakeholder networks.
  • A source for youth development for the tribal community youth programming.

As we continue to grow and reach new communities, we are constantly reminded how important the work is we do. We are committed to protect, connect and educate and will continue to dedicate our efforts to create safe and supportive schools where all students feel included in the community.


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