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Activity Diretor Professional Development
"The Changing Role of Student Leadership"


The training will equip Activity Directors will the tools, strategies and concepts to facilitate a school wide Social Emotional Learning system, that empowers student leaders as the source of facilitation.

Activity Directors are the most valuable asset when building school climate and creating experiences that increase student engagement.  As our times change so do the needs of our students and leadership programs that serve them. There is now a need for activity directors to pivot away from Organizational Leadership and shift to a Social Leadership Development model.  Changing the investment of time that student leadership spends on the organization of large dances, homecoming events and pep rallies, to an investment that focuses on the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Development of the student body.

Activity Directors will learn how to use student voice activities to assess, measure and address the critical issues impacting school climate, student engagement and student wellness. Come discover how to empower youth leadership to engage students to gather data and work alongside the PBIS/MTSS Team, School Safety Team and the School Climate Committee to address the critical issues impacting their school climate.  The PLUS Program, an evidence-based Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) model will be developed as a tool for schools to utilize as part of their action plans.  When we stop doing the research on the students, and let the students do the research on themselves, we find effective Solutions! Visit: www.plusprogram.org to learn more on the PLUS Program.

Training Topics Include:

  • Target core campus issues impacting School Climate & Student Wellness, using data to track and monitor progress
  • Trend local behavior utilizing the Direction Survey and Resource Database
  • Enhance Activities to focus on the Social Emotional needs of a student body
  • Develop accountability plans that seek to build measurable student engagement and a positive school climate
  • Develop a calendar of activities that engage students, staff and parents in meaningful participation and measure how activity implementation impacts school climate

Training Cost:

  • $995 per attendee


  • Monthly training sessions (August - December 2020) - All Training will be offered online.
  • All Participants will be recognized as a Certified PLUS Trainer.
  • 1-year unlimited online access to Direction Survey
  • 1-year unlimited online access to the PLUS Exchange, including: curriculum, resources, activities, lessons and training power points
  • Access to the PLUS Team Development Class Curriculum
  • Online Coaching and Support
  • Register before July 1 and receive FREE registration to the School Climate Conference October 25-27, 2020

Trainer: John Vandenburgh

John is a Nationally recognized speaker on school climate and student engagement. He is the author of the PLUS program and Founder of Direction Survey.  His work is continuously researched by universities across the country and the program model he authored has been found by research teams to be evidence based to increase student engagement and academic achievement. John is a former high school teacher, school site administrator and district administrator of safe schools.  He now serves as the executive director of Protect Connect Educate Solutions, a Non-profit serving K12 schools across the country.

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