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According to a study conducted by Cleary and Zimmerman (2004), the most critical time to help youth learn about self- reflection, self-awareness, self-care and balance is between the ages of 11-18. Mindfulness has been shown to be effective in reducing stress, increasing attention, controlling outbursts, increasing social & emotional skills, developing empathy, and increasing self-worth among other benefits. In this training we will explore and share resources and tips on how to work with students on their personal behavior and accountability, self-regulation self-awareness, decision making skills and other social -emotional learning skills. We will share how mindfulness activities are cross curricular with SEL activities and how to implement these new concepts in your classroom or intervention programs. We will take a dive into today’s digital dilemma and provide a new approach so that students can make healthier decisions about how to use devices and social media. Further, we will review the power of reflection, so that students understand their potential to become thoughtful and kinder contributors to a larger society. When classroom cultures shift, so the does school culture. Join us and expect to learn by doing in this training, sorry, no lecturing here!

Training Topics Include:

  • Introduction to mindfulness and how it’s a perfect match for social emotional learning- we will use the CASEL standards as a tool for alignment.
  • How to use student driven activities to increase their self-awareness, decision -making, self-regulation, relationship and social skills.
  • Strategies to create an inclusive classroom environment using a holistic approach to mind, body, community and digital and social media awareness activities.
  • How to lessen students’ anxiety and aggressive behavior and increase their vocabulary for emotions.
  • How to connect service learning to mindfulness activities to create practical application opportunities for students thereby helping them develop 21st century skills, empowering them and preparing them to become the next generation of mindful leaders.

Training Cost:

$495.00 for two attendees


Includes the Kid-Grit Activity guides, A 3 month subscription to Direction Survey and A copy of kid-grit: the book, a collection of 25 reflective stories written by former students on how to navigate personal challenges geared towards middle and high school students. Each story provides an opportunity for deep discussion on how over come hard times and also create a positive climate in the classroom.

Trainer: Julia Gabor

Julia has written created and successfully launched several SEL and youth development curriculums from inception, helping educators create safe and effective learning communities. Programs include: kid-grit, WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS, Earl Woods Scholars Mentor Program and Start Something. Julia’s trainings are filled with high energy and dynamic, hands on content. Julia trains audiences at national conferences, in school communities and in expanded learning environments.   In 2014, Julia was awarded the 'Women Making a Difference' award from U.S. State Senator of California, Lou Correa. In 2013, she received the OSTI Award from BOOST for her contribution to out-of-school time individuals by providing innovative approaches to support students, families and communities. In 2009, she received the Honored Educator Award from CAL STATE Fullerton for dedication to education in Orange County, CA. Julia received her M.A. in Educational Leadership from Antioch University.

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