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Data Training, Development and Assessment

PCE Solutions utilizes the Direction Survey and Resource Database when analyzing student behaviors and environmental risk factors impacting effective program development.

Direction Survey allows schools and community groups to constantly assess the climate of their youth. This measurement instrument is proving to be an extremely effective tool in assessing youth trends. This is a collaborative tool for School Districts, County Office of Education Departments, grant writers and other agencies that offers view only modes for Administrators so the anonymous data can easily be shared.  The Direction Survey and Resource Database equips sites with ongoing survey assessment to trend behavior experienced by students, staff, parents and community which essentially defines school climate. School Climate is defined as a pattern of experiences students, staff and parents encounter. Looking at data only once a year, will not define the pattern. Sites must have a tool to assess behavior on a monthly basis. The Direction Survey and Resource Database enables sites to trend behavior as often as they choose. When data is logged into the database, it directs the site to a set of actions, activities, and resources to address specific behavior.

Direction Survey gives schools unlimited access to develop custom student, staff and parent surveys.

When developing Local Control Accountability Plans and implementing PBIS strategies, districts must integrate data into the overall program development of their plans. The platform directs the school site to a set of actions, activities, and resources to utilize as part of their Local Control Accountability Plans that will address that specific behavior. Direction Survey is used as part of the ongoing Local Control Accountability Plans throughout the year to guide local communities towards actions that are needed immediately.

To find out more information on Direction Survey visit www.directionsurvey.com


Contact the PCE solutions office for Direction Survey Subscription and Training Options

Direction Survey Subscription

Purchase Direction Survey to be utilized as an online tool of survey development for a school site, district or community.  Subscriptions to Direction Survey start at less than $25 a month.  Contact the PCE office for more details.  Utilizing Direction Survey Enables users:

  • Personalized Survey Development
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Immediate Data Analysis
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Resource Library


Learn how to optimize the Direction Survey and Resource Database.  Staff experience hands on how to navigate Direction Survey, while making personalized surveys and analyzing Real Time Data.  A 4-6 hour Direction Survey Training will teach  staff how to:

  • Make personalized surveys
  • How to identify key data points
  • Find significant proportionate data
  • Access Resources
  • Read trending data with graphs

Ongoing Coaching & Support

Upon implementation of Direction Survey, PCE staff will work with organizations on an ongoing basis in an effort to identify localized trends impacting school climate and student experiences.  Ongoing support will enable a school district or organization with the insight to:

  • Align Survey Development with Program Plans
  • Build out Localized Surveys and Questions to address local needs
  • Identify trending data