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Finding the Data Trends for Effective Decision Making in K-12 Education

This training will go beyond building capacity, as it will equip school site staff with practical tools to develop consistent plans that assess, address and manage Local Control Accountability Plans.  The School Climate Conferenceis proud to partner with Direction Surveyto offer school administrators across the state a unique training opportunity.  Direction Survey has revolutionized how schools are able to measure and trend youth behavior impacting the learning environment for all students. Direction Survey has been developed to simplify the LCAP process, strengthen PBIS plans, and lessen the workload for school administrators responsible for gathering data.

Upon Completion of the Training:

  • Identify significant disproportionate data using online reports
  • Tailor survey development to meet the local needs of the school community you serve
  • Use planning tools to accurately address Local Control Accountability Planning needs based on data analytics
  • Cross analyze comparison data to local, regional, state, and national norms
  • Immediate comparison analysis of student subgroups and their school experiences

Cost: FREE w/ Purchase of Direction Survey

  • 1 year Direction Survey Subscription = $295


  • Up to 2 staff members from a school site
  • Unlimited access to online Survey Development, Activities, Resources, and Data Reports
  • All handouts, user guides and online access
  • Online support

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Upcoming Trainings:

  • Date: May 28, 2020
  • Location: Online


  •  9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (pst)

Trainer: John Vandenburgh

John is a Nationally recognized speaker on school climate and student engagement.  His work is continuously researched by universities across the country and the program model he authored has been found by research teams to be evidence based to increase student engagement and academic achievement. John is a former high school teacher, school site administrator and district administrator of safe schools.  He now serves as the executive director of Protect Connect Educate Solutions, a Non-profit serving K12 schools across the country. John has presented his work for the Office of Homeland Security on building Safe Schools, the California Attorney General Gang Prevention Summit, and the National Youth At Risk Center on Building Effective Peer to Peer Programs. He is the Author of the PLUS Program, Co-Author of the National Youth At Risk Bully Survey and the Founder of Direction Survey.

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