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Curriculum Resources

PCE Solutions is the licensed provider and developer of multiple curriculum for schools to utilize.  PCE is committed to developing a resource department that includes effective researched based and evidenced based curriculum. PCE is proud to partner with a variety of different organizations, companies and association to offer our clients comprehensive set of topic related curriculum.  If you are a curriculum developer and would like to partner with PCE Solutions to offer your curriculum in our resources, please contact us for details.


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Grief Support

The My Journey Grief Support Curriculum guides facilitators through a series of lessons to support small grief group facilitation.

  • HS/MS and Elementary Schools
  • 8 Sessions up to 1 hr each
  • Facilitator and Student Manuals

Student Engagement

Youth Led Participatory Action Research program model.  Schools find how to use data in activity planning and program development utilizing youth leadership programs.

  • HS/MS Program Development
  • Evidence Based
  • A National Model Program

Cyber Citizenship & Gaming

Esports Digital Citizenship Certification through social-emotional pedagogy.

  • Safety and Well-Being
  • Integrity and FairPlay
  • Respect and Diversity
  • Positive and Enriching GamePlay

Online Survey Development

Online survey development instrument for a school site, district or community.  Subscriptions to Direction Survey start at less than $25 a month.  Utilizing Direction Survey Enables users:

  • Personalized Survey Development
  • Immediate Data Analysis
  • Unlimited Use