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Curriculum Resources

PCE Solutions is the licensed provider and developer of multiple curriculum for schools to utilize.  PCE is committed to developing a resource department that includes effective researched based and evidenced based curriculum. PCE is proud to partner with a variety of different organizations, companies and association to offer our clients comprehensive set of topic related curriculum.  If you are a curriculum developer and would like to partner with PCE Solutions to offer your curriculum in our resources, please contact us for details.


All PCE Curriculum offers training opportunities throughout the year.

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Grief Support

The My Journey Grief Support Curriculum guides facilitators through a series of lessons to support small grief group facilitation.

  • HS/MS and Elementary Schools
  • 8 Sessions up to 1 hr each
  • Facilitator and Student Manuals

Student Engagement

Youth Led Participatory Action Research program model.  Schools find how to use data in activity planning and program development utilizing youth leadership programs.

  • HS/MS Program Development
  • Evidence Based
  • A National Model Program

Cyber Citizenship & Gaming

Esports Digital Citizenship Certification through social-emotional pedagogy.

  • Safety and Well-Being
  • Integrity and FairPlay
  • Respect and Diversity
  • Positive and Enriching GamePlay

Online Survey Development

Online survey development instrument for a school site, district or community.  Subscriptions to Direction Survey start at less than $25 a month.  Utilizing Direction Survey Enables users:

  • Personalized Survey Development
  • Immediate Data Analysis
  • Unlimited Use