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PLUS Program Development - Certified Trainer Course


The PLUS Program training focuses on how to build an Evidence Based Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) program that aligns with LCAP objectives and goals. Participants will learn how to:

  • Target core campus issues impacting School Climate, using data to track and monitor progress.
  • Trend local behavior with unlimited access to the Direction Survey and Resource Database.
  • Build an Evidence Based Student Leadership program to increase student engagement
  • Develop a calendar of activities to engage all students in meaningful participation and measure how activity implementation impacts school climate
  • Align Program Development with district LCAP plans Learn how to use a set of activities and data gathering tools to find Qualitative and Quantitative data to drive decision making process.

Training Cost: $995.00

  • Includes: PLUS Implementation Kit & (2) staff members trained

Certified PLUS Trainers and Sites receive:

  • 1 year unlimited online access to Direction Survey
  • 1 year unlimited online access to the PLUS Exchange, including: curriculum, resources, activities, lessons and training power points
  • Online Classroom Curriculum:  Develop the PLUS Team Leader
  • Over 100 activities, resources, access to associations and grant funding.