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A System of Proven Solutions


Support public, private and charter schools in the development of action plans that include:

  • School Climate Transformation
  • Grant Writing Development
  • Data Management and Survey Facilitation
  • Youth Development


Support Tribal Education and Youth Development Departments in building a sustainable infrastructure that include:

  • Tribal Youth Programs
  • Data gathering and Assessment
  • Staff Development
  • Grant Writing and Partnerships
  • Youth Leadership Conferences


Support youth and community service departments for cities to enhance program development that include:

  • Youth Master Plan Development
  • Youth Leadership Programs
  • Data Gathering and Analysis
  • Stakeholders Network Planning
  • Parent Training and Engagement

Evidence Based Program Development


PCE Solutions serves as the training provider of the evidence based PLUS Program.  Proven to increase student attendance and academic rates, the PLUS Program is a Youth Participatory Action Research model that is helping schools integrate data into their program development.

School Climate Conference Spring 2025

Join us in Southern California | April 23-25, 2025 | Pechanga Resort and Casino

Come join colleagues from across the country at America's #1 Resort and Casino in the heart of Southern California wine country. The School Climate Spring Symposium will bring the latest research, data trends and program development strategies to participants seeking to enhance their school climate initiatives.

The School Climate Symposium will serve a diverse cross section of educators and community providers that include: school and district administrators, counselors, activity directors, teachers, youth development coordinators, after school administrators, athletic directors, probation officers, and many more.


PCE in the News: Stockton USD PLUS Program helps Raise Graduation Rates!

Featured on PBS

Watch the PBS article to learn how the Stockton Unified School District's PLUS Program helped turn around its graduation rate, going from a "dropout factory" to a success story.

Stockton Unified School District refocused on the implementation of a strong School and Law Enforcement Partnership  and PLUS Program development that serves to Protect, Connect and Educate all kids.

This PBS news article details the success of the Stockton USD efforts in creating a safe school environment and keeping kids in school and off the streets.  When kids are connected, feel safe and have meaningful participation in schools, the outcomes can lead to significant changes on school campuses and in community.

Professional Development Conferences


PCE Solutions values the ongoing relationships we share with our sponsors, partnering agencies and the tremendous speakers we get to work with.  Each year we are blown away by the support that is given to assure the Conferences and Training we host continue to be the most effective professional development in the country.  We thank you for your commitment and look forward to working with each one of you every year!